Simantics tutorial : WorkModel with two modules
This model is in the True package
WorkModel with 2 modules is a model from Simantics Tutorial : Advanced System Dynamics Modelling

This model has been replicated in software TRUE.

Simantics, in this model, works with two modules : Work1 and Work2.
TRUE can't do that, but it can use vectorization to simulate modules.

  • All the elements in the frame Work1 are vectorized with a new vector called WorkVector
  • In the vector, two domains are created : Work1Module and Work2Module
  • In the frame Commons news variables are created, as in Simantics model
  • In the InputWork1 frame, input variables are updated to work with commons variables
  • After simulating the model, Work1Module or Work2Module can be selected in the window Vectors, and displayed in the model with their values, as in this animation :