PERT-CPM basic solution
PERT-CPM BasicSolution is a starting model for construction projects, you can help me to improve it

  • This model has 4 activities:
    - activities duration are initialized by stocks named 'Duration - Activity...'
    - activities are represented by flows

  • When an activity starts, it decreases the corresponding stock, when the stock = 0, the activity stops.

  • In each flow, this type of code controls the start/stop of the activity:

  • IF p:vfrom<=0 THEN RETURN // p:vfrom = value of the source stock of the flow = Duration of the activity
  • IF Svalue("Days") <=0 THEN RETURN //if value of the stock Days <=0, the project is not started
  • or IF Fvalue("Commercial Customer") >0 THEN RETURN // if an activity (Commer...) is not ended, the current activity doesn't start
  • y=1 //the return value of the action of the flow decreases 1 day from the source stock of the flow ( Duration of the activity)

  • The stock Days displays the number of past days
  • The stock Duration-Marketing-Business Development displays the sum of all the durations